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Need some stocking ideas

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I'm tearing down my brackish tank. I'm sick of mixing 6 buckets of brackish water every Sunday. A member here will be taking the fish this weekend.

I want my girlfriends ghostknife out of my high tech tank, he's to big. I will be setting up this tank just for him. I plan on having lots of rocks and caves because black ghost knives are more comfortable with hiding places. I want to set it up low tech, because one high tech tank is enough.

As far as stocking goes I want to start out with a large school of neons 30-50.
I use these as feeders for him because he can't compete with fast moving fish for food. I know a lot of these will be eaten but i will be keeping a qt tank for replenishment. After the into tail school has declined in numbers I want to add some other larger fish. Im considering angels but I really would like some other options.

In my other tanks I have
Congo tetra
Tiger barbs
Silver tip tetra

I don't want these

I need whatever I get to be somewhat slow moving

I have considered discuss but they need a much higher temp than the bgk

Any ideas?

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