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Need some stocking advice on microrasboras

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I have a 65 gallon tank, soon to be heavily planted. I'm working on the stocking, and I'm going for the 'whole-dang-lot-of-small-fish' look. My current stock is:
5-6 Beckford's pencilfish (never see them all, so I can't tell if I have all 6)
Two dwarf pencils that school with the others.
One Schwartz cory
Two Julii cories
Two salt-and-pepper cories
Two dwarf or pygmy cories, possibly hybrids
Two female bettas (soon to be three)
Two or three ghost shrimp
One Stonehead Sulawesi goby (2" long, fairly slender, large-ish mouth but peaceful)
Twig catfish (has a sucker mouth, can't eat anybody)
African pipefish (5" long, true freshwater, very friendly)
One small male orange-throated darter
Two horn nerites
One assassain snail
One gold gourami (may be removed if he shows any signs of aggression)

I want at least four more pencilfish and at least eight more dwarf and/or pygmy cories. I'm also planning on a school of neon tetras, 6 or so, and a rubberlip pleco (4" long, and adorable!). A few ottos may end up in there as well, and probably something like two male Endler's livebearers and four females. I want a bunch of small fish who school at least fairly tightly, so I'm considering microrasboras or celestial pearl danios. Any problems with adding CPDs?
Any other schooling nano fish to recommend?
I'm also planning on chucking a bunch of low-quality cherry shrimp in here and letting them breed.
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