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So my tank has not been up and running for roughly 16 days and I think I need to start pruning, or maybe I don't... I am unsure which is why I am here asking for the pros opinions :)

Here is a full list of my plants:
(25) Cardinal Tetra
(2) Golden Rams
(2) Pearl Gourami

Ramshorn snails

Ludwigia brevipes
Tonina Belem
Anubias nana
Anubias barteri
Crypt wendtti
Rotala rotundifolia
Salvinia natan
Water lettuce
Val, unsure which one
Lace fern
Water hyacinth
Dwarf Sag

from the pic (was taken today) what do you guys think?

Some info on my setup:
low tech/ med light?!
finnex planted plus 48"
substrate is safe-t-sorb
i don't fert, was thinking of starting to do weekly dose of flourish to see how my plants react to it. thoughts?!
i keep my light on roughly 11 hours a day, i think maybe i need to cut it down, I dunno. thoughts?!
filter is eheim pro 3 2075 media is 2 trays of mechanical, and 2 of the biological (beige balls) bought this filter used and this is what he had already in it. so i left it. thoughts?!

room lights on:

room lights off:

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Nothing in my view looks like it needs pruning.

One effect of pruning is to encourage some plants to branch and become bushier. Some hygro species become bushier when you prune the stems, branching.

Depends on what you are trying to achieve.
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