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need some help w/ choosing

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well i am in the progress of starting my first planted tank which is a 20 gal long that you can see in my sig. but i am now having a hard time choosing plants:help: .

my new idea is i am going to start a tank so i can breed the celestial pearl danio but since i dont really have all of the space for multiple tanks(or money) i wanted to raise the fry in the same tank as the adult fish. So i know that i am going to need a lot of ground cover (for the eggs) and a lot of places to hide because i heard that the parents like to snack on the eggs/fry:icon_frow.

so does anyone have any suggestions on plants. btw i will probably be running about 55 watts for my lighting.

thanks for the help in advance.
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Various mosses, Riccia, Utricularia gibba and such grow to thick egg and fry protecting bushes. Also maybe some floaters like Salvinia, Pistia and Phyllanthus will provide cover with their roots.
I would get a piece of driftwood and wrap some java moss on it. Then as for ground cover Riccia Is good and so is Dwarf hairgrass.
i have a question about floating plants are you able to trim the roots or will it hurt the plant. also i dont think we are allowed to have Salvinia its on the list :icon_frow (and i really liked that one too)
well i have an idea sorta of now but i would like to hear what you think

R = Rock
T = Echinodorus Tenellus
V = Eleocharis Vivipara
RI = Riccia

and then on top i will have a floater on the top but still havnt decided
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You know, I am planning to do the exact same thing. I would recommend a ton of java moss, maybe najas grass too. You will have a much lower rate of success then with spawning mops and a separate fry tank, though.
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