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Embarrassing but sometimes I don't multitask well and the unit had hot water go through it for about 1/2 hr. I mean HOT it melted the particulate filter housing and blew it off the mounting head. Unit is a Puratek Deluxe with piggyback extra membrane assembly, I was very happy with its performance.
It is currently producing both waste and RO water.
I replaced ALL filters and membranes along with the two deformed plastic filter housings. Initially the unit was not producing RO water at all just waste water, the vender sent one solenoid valve and high pressure switch. Present issue is the gauge used to read 90psi with booster running, it is now showing 65-70psi. I removed and inspected waste oriface valve- looks to be clear- nothing to service anyway, took pump apart- looks cleaned a little debris, the solenoid vale I replaced had some debris- cleaned and it is now a spare. looked at the other solenoid- clean inside. Unit cycles normally and shows 0ppm even with the old membranes. With the new membrane piggyback it came with a oriface tube which I never trimmed- but I didn't have an issue with operation at that time. What else to check? New pump- these are a piston pump I think with rubber membranes.

All fresh filters were installed but removed DI, carbon, and sed- still the low pressure- dead headed the pump and the gauge showed 150psi so pump is capable.
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