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Hi guys,
I need some help deciding on lighting for my 30 gallon tank. Heres a copy of my tank info from another post to give you some background:

Fish- 8 assorted Danios, 12 Neon Tetra, 2 Otto Cats, 2 Red Flame Gouramis

Plants- H. Difformis (Wisteria), Echinodorus Argentinensis (Argentine Sword), Microsorum Pteropus (Java Fern), Rotala "Indica", and some java moss that is starting to come back on the driftwood (survived a dry spell as the wood was moved from another tank)

Filtration- Eheim 2013 and an AC 50

Lighting- 2 Spiral CLF 5000K 150 watt equivalent (I know I need to upgrade, any cost effective suggestions?)

Ferts- Osmocote root tabs, dry water column dosing per EI regimen

Co2- Pressurized, 20 lb tank diffused through an external needlewheel modded rio powerhead.

I have looked at the nova extreme 36", and other lower end T5 lights. But I love doing diy, and was wondering if anyone has any better cost effective lights, either prebuilt or diy ideas. Maybe AH supply? What do you think I need as far as bulbs for this tank? Would one 96 watt 6700K with their "parabolic" reflector be enough light? I can do WPG but i know that that is far from the whole picture.

Thanks for the insight,
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