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Need some help and suggestions

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I am new to the world of planted tanks, I was given the leftovers of another tank, I got a 20g long and some Christmas moss and a little java moss and also a sponge filter with an air pump.

The light that came with said tank seems to be a 17 watt T8, the guy at Home Depot says its the standard 6500k they sell

I would like to know if there is anything special I'd need to get so I can keep my plants nice and healthy, I've seen how some moss tanks come out and I would love to have that kind of beauty in my house :p
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That light should be fine for your tank. I think it's only 24" long right? T8's only come in sizes divisable by 12. If you have a 20 long than it's 30" long and that can be almost impossible to find in that size.

If you ever think about upgrading your light I'd think the regular Fugeray (maybe even the planted plus) would be a good upgrade if you want to go LED. If you want to stay t8 Maybe think about going to CFL lights instead? I don't know what you think would be asthetically pleasing. My hubby wouldn't let me do the CFL and brooder lamps over my 55 so I went LED.

The filter will be good for biological filtration but would leave a bit to be desired for mechanical (filtering out the bits of solids in the tank) .. An aquaclear 30 or 50 might be a good investment if you can find sales and coupons (like petco or something)

Root tabs can help any crypts or swords or other root feeders (I know you don't have any now, but might in the future) so that is a good investment if you end up with any.

Moss is very undemanding. Give it light and trim it when it needs and you'll be all set.
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Ok I guess I'll look into some LED options thanks for the advice :p and I don't think I'll want any other plants for a while but, thanks for that tip ill pick some tabs up if I get any root feeders
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