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Need some Fresh advice

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Hi, I just set up my first planted tank, which is 75 gallons. I've operated a reef tank for 4-5 years. It has been two weeks since I filled the tank. I used rodi water and added seachem rodi additive (ran out towards the end). My kh and gh needs to be increased a little bit. I will test again today and give readings. I have seachem equilibrium for water changes and to raise pH as well. Question is that I think my pH has settled in the 5.9-6.0 range. From research, I have read that it is more important to have stable pHs versus trying to keep them so high. Do you agree? I have a few tetras and guppies for fish and some monticarlo and a few other plants. Mr Aqua substrate. How would you raise it to around 7? Equilibrium alone? Crushed limestone? I would like to dose with CO2, but I have my apex set to turn it off below 6, so it is has not been running for the last week. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

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I'd personally recommend against trying to raise the pH, as everytime you do a water change you'll end up stressing the fish with a massive pH difference before you dose the water. With a pH that low, I'd recommend sticking with SA species and working around a blackwater setup (don't actually go for blackwater, as that will lower your pH even more, just stick with species and decor that would be found in blackwater areas)
What is the pH of your tap water?
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