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Need some advice...

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Hey All,
I have been puttering about with plants in my 46 gallon bow front tank with Diy CO2 and 2X96 Watt power compact lighting (1 50/50 and 1 6700 bulbs). I dose dry ferts as scheduled. Occasionally, I place flourish tabs under the sand. unfortunately, I can only grow Vals well. Anubias, Crypts, java, etc just "putter about" for a few days to weeks, then wither away and don't grow anymore.

Does anyone have any suggestions (besides pressurized CO2)?

Recently, I have been considering adding the new Florurite Black Sand to the substrate..mixing it up with the sand already in the tank. Do you think that will help much?

Advice, directions, and suggestion are greatly appreciated!
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yes get your co2 to a more consistent rate byt going pressurized. i put it off for so long and wish i wouldnt have cause its the best thing. my tank just emptied this weekend and i couldnt tell you when i last filled it. Maybe a year ago. after the inital cost, paying 8 bucks a year is so better then all the hassal of DIY.

Also if you do not have some good test kits get some and tell us more about your tank that we can tell you possibly what your tank is missing.

What about light times. How long they are on.
OK, besides CO2:
Realistically you are running less than 2X96 since the 50\50 isn't geared for FW plants.
Also you say you dose, but how much are you dosing? Are you doing water changes?

I doubt adding substrate will help if other things are out of whack.

Check out this site: tons of good info there.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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