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Hi all,

I’m setting up my waterbox PM 15 as a planted freshwater tank. It will be co2 injected with a fluval plant nano as my light. I plan to dry start the Monte Carlo.
Plant stock: (subject to change rough outline)
2x AR Mini
Monte Carlo carpet
2x S.repens
Christmas moss
Still searching for background plant.

The WB 15 has a sump like filtration attached to the back and I just want some advice on filtration media. The stock box comes with filter sock, sponge, bio balls and carbon. I will most likely take the carbon out. However should I swap the bio balls out for something like seachem matrix?
Another other advice for starting a freshwater tank is welcomed.

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This is a debated topic, some people say a sponge is enough surface area to grow beneficial bacteria on. If you want to spoil your filter, seachem Matrix certainly has a lot of surface area. I use seachem’s and Eheim’s and I think they perform better than just a sponge or bio balls alone. A lot of beneficial bacteria can colonize your planted tank itself. Having a deep substrate along with things like crushed lava stone or pumice stone beneath it can also help make your tank part of the filtration.
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