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Need some advice with quarantined crs

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So here's the story.
I got a large order of crs in on Wednesday . Drip acclimated for 9 hours and added them to my tank. Everybody was doing great until I came home from work today (Friday) to see 4 dead in the tank. Quickly removed the dead and fed the colony a little food.

I noticed 2 shrimp acting funny doing the jump in the water and floating down slowly landing on their side. I've seen this behavior before and I knew this is bad news. Took the shrimp out and put them in quarantine where they proceeded to lay on their backs twitching. Did a smallwater change added a bit of malafix aand an air stone.

Fast forward 4-5 hours. They are just chilling in quarantine looking much better. What do I do now? Add them back to the main tank?

Parameters of main tank
Temp 72 no fluctuations
Ph 6.6
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 0
Gh 7
Kh 0

Do you guys think I should be suspect of bacterial infection or just stressed from moving?
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wait. His TDS is pretty high. Try to get it down to 120-150
I keep my CRS in TDS 180-200. His TDS would not alarm me. I'd be more likely to match where they came from if I could but a TDS anywhere from 120-220 on CRS wouldn't make me bat an eye.
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