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need some advice on Glossostigma

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Hi all,
I've had my 20 gallon running about 3 months now with CO2, high light(?), and fertilizers. There is also about 20 endler guppies and some neos. I'm happy to say I am having good growth with Glossostigma elatinoides, but there are some yellow leaves under there and without proper light penetration there will likely be plenty of decay. It does't seem like the plants are even rooted in the soil. I can't bring myself to trim it since its my first carpet ever, but what should I actually do in order to keep this plant and tank happy? Thanks! :grin2:


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The only way to save that is to pull it all up and replant the good growth that is still green, with more time the lower level will rot away and all your glosso will be floating.

When you replant the good growth keep on top of trimming and the glosso will grow much smaller and more horizontally across the substrate, if you dont trim often the same thing will happen again.
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