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Need recomendations for 54 watt T5 HO bulb

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I'm looking at updating the lighting over my 45 gallon and I've decided to go the High Output T5 route. Traditional CF bulbs leave a few gaps for light coverage due to their 22" length in my 48.5" wide canopy, and since I need to replace a few bulbs anyway, I figure I"ll go for a linear 48" bulb.

I was considering the 54 watt 5000k HO-T5 from Phillips, or the 6500k 54 watt HO-T5 from GE, but with the CRI being only 85 on both bulbs, they aren't really leaping out as being a "must have"

Can you guys toss me any recomendations, or personal experience with any alternatives? I haven't done too much research into what people are using for HO T5's these days and their seem to be limited selections out there...
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