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Hello, I'm starting a 29 gallon aquarium. I have pictures of the setup. I just laid down a bed of glosso carpeting seeds. However, I realized after planting that these are a semi difficult carpet to grow. Since I WILL not be using Co2 (atleast for now) I think I need to find another option.

What do you guys recomend? Im thinking maybe dwarf Sag, or S. Repens. Are these a good option for Lowtech tanks? Also, where is a good place to buy them? I've looked on amazon for both but I'm not sure about that option. (Keep in mind its January, its cold and I live in Colorado, so I need a retailer that ships plants with heating elements inside the box)

Also, besides the grass I wanted a lush background of plants. I was thinking about buying this pack on amazon with 18 plants (6 species/3 of each) for the "75 gallon".

However Im not sure if they pack things well enough to ship during winter. Let me know what you guys think. Are there better options for the price or close enough? Will I NEED Co2 to have this plant load? What are the best plants (carpeting and floating, ect)for lowtech tanks and where can I get them?


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