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Need planting advice for a 5.5 gallon

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I have a 5.5 gallon with ecomplete for a substrate, a 14 watt single tube flourecent light, and a spounge filter.

Right now I have some peacock moss which is doing good but I want to add some anubias and cryps.

Would they do ok in my set up? If so could I add alot?

Also I was thinking about lightly doseing with some excel would it hurt any thing?

How ofter should I do water changes? my tank has been set up for a week should I do one soon?
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now i haven't had any experience with anubias and crypts but they are low light plants and should do fine under that lighting. go ahead and try a couple of each in the tank and see how they do before you buy "a lot" (don't know how much you mean) so that you can figure out how they fare and not waste money on plants that'll die because situations were ideal. also since both crypts and anubias are slow growers you might want to think about a fast growing plant to throw in there that'll absorb excess nutrients so you don't have to battle as much algae, it just has to be in there till the tank settles out (recommendation not a requirement). excel should be fine I'd say 1mL a week would be fine, works fine fore me (same size tank). Water changes should be around 25% every two weeks, but I haven't changed the water in mine for almost a month due to moving back to school and things are growing insanely fast. good luck!
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