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Good morning everyone,

I have a 75Gallon Bowed tank.
it's about 25" deep, 22" with my substrate.

currently in the process of remodeling my tank, just sold all my fish and am having a make over.

I want to grow medium to high level light plants, one being a carpet of Dwarf hair grass.

I bought the Finnex Planted + with the timer and changing lights, but it just didn't seem powerful enough for my tank, and I didn't like the Yellowish White.
I keep seeing videos of tanks with cool white lights that are in planted tanks and look very bright.

a few questions for the experts :)
1. with this deep of a tank, can I get cool white 6500K lights that will grow med to high plants?

2. any suggestions?

I am ok with any kind of lighting and how ever many I need, as long as it's bright and has a nice cool white.
just don't like the yellowish look.

thanks everyone, any help is much appreciated!

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Well you have a few choices.
1)Something like a beamswork 3w w/ 1000k/actinic LEDs or
2)An adustable spectrum light so you can pick any color temp you like..

Take is 48 wide by 18 deep at he center right?
2 Radion xr-15 fw would work..

Radion ? XR15 Freshwater | EcoTech Marine

or this:
EVO Quad 48 LED Reef Bright (TR)

Pretty well can guarantee no yellow w/ either unless you have tannins in your water..

Another choice is a Finnex RayII one or 2.. preferably 2
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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