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need inline for 180 gallon

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hey peeps im trying to get rid of all the excess backround looks on my 180 but does anyone know of a inline heater that would be good for a 180 gallon tank right now im using 2 250 watt ebo jagers and the only thing i found was a 300 watt hydor not sure if that would be sufficent as my tank is in the garage wall even though it is heavy insulated dont wanna take that chance come the winter
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The best solution would be a DIY inline heater similar to mine:

Then you can put any heater you want in it, when made as you need. Mine runs horizontal and I've never had a risk. I also use a temp controller with it for my piece of mind.

PM me if you're interested and I can help you out with sourcing parts. If push comes to shove I could assemble one to spec, but it is really easy and cheap to DIY.

In combination with one of these 500 or 800 watt heaters you'd be golden:
Heater Adapter for Sumps: Use on Wet-Dry sumps, Central System Sumps,
Heater modules: heaters are installed inline from pump output.
Unbreakable high wattage Titanium Submersible Heaters with controller in sumps or wet-drys. Module
I did a DIY inline heater as well. cost me about 9 dollars in PVC parts. It's in my signature. I recommend that as the way to go.
Thanks for the responses guys gonna go with the dyi looks simple enough
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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