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Need info on Luwigia Sp. Marilia.

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So I revived this plant as a freebie in a recent purchase. The only thing I could find is that it's rare. So any info on it it would be great.

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Photo? Never heard of it.

I looked up images of it. Looks like the submersed form of Ludwigia peploides, which is a very widespread species in the New World. It's found up here too. It's essentially a rooted floater but you can sometimes find the brief seedling/submersed stage that has those same leaves and the zigzag stem. For me, it never grew any side shoots with or without trimming and I could not propagate it (Ammannia coccinea is the same way).

So maybe it's a local race that is more adapted to long term submersed growth. Or something else that just looks similar. Can't say.

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Ludwigia marilla.
Not what guy was talking about
Easy like
Can go low tech or high tech or emerged all easily and grows sideshoots, overall very easy plant to grow
Being u revived it is a given
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