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need homedepot light for 10G

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What light from homedepot would provide the cheapest alternative to the stock hood lights for a 10G tank? I would want to put this on the glass hood.

Some possibilities:

I suspect that none are any better than the stock since they are all 15W, but this needs to be bought from homedepot so at the end this doesn't come out of pocket (college refund).

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you can use the Hampton bay desktop light that alot of people use on their nanotanks
it is more expensive than the ones you listed though, it is in the $25 range
something like this?
would this work too
If i pointed the light directly over the glass, wouldn't the glass get too hot and possibly explode?

Also since I wont be fertilizing or doing co2, is 60W too much? I have some plants but they are swords and other low light plants.
I dont think thats too much, in my nooby opinion. I have a 10 gal with 52 watts and it gets moderate algae. You need a much higher light ratio with smaller tanks.
60W wouldnt be too bad its all about the distance between your lighting and substrate. So if you got the 60W i would say just hang it above the tank that is good for even light spread as well as lessening the 60W in your tank. That would be an algea farm if it was put on top of the tank.
it looks like the light in the first pic shown HERE
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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