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Need Help!

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Hi Guys,

I am new to this hobby and have a 8 gallon tank. (I am from India, so your standard tanks are not available here..) Its a low tech planted tank which was a month old and densely planted..

Due to recent rain, We are deprived of electricity and the whole city was shut-down:frown2:. It lasts for two days.. Though my filter (sunsun HW-603B) was shut-off for two days, my fish (6 neon, 3 cherry shrimp) are doing ok.. Need to invest in battery supporting aerators..

Now, I am seeing a spider-web link thing on my Vallisneria.. What it will be? Some kind of algae? And as my filter was out of commision for around 50+ hours, do i need to start it as if new? I am really afraid that all the beneficial bacteria were died off :crying:

What am I to do? Please help :|
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When you have these type of problem - your safety is water changes. Do a 50% water change clean the filter media and restart the filter.

The beneficial bacteria not only reside in your filter but is present over all surfaces of the aerobic portion of the tank. By cleaning the filter media you will clear away any anaerobic decomposition residue.

The water changes will reduce the buildup of ammonia - plants too help reduce ammonia as they prefer the nitrogen in this form over any other. You will soon have the cycle back as before.
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