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Ok I posted in a different thread but did not get as clear of a answer. So I want to ask it here, I am using a 75 gallon tank that I already have for a planted tank. I am gonna start from scratch. I am gonna be using eco complete as a substrate. I am going to be having higher temps because I want to keep discus in this tank. Ok now I am not going to go crazy and have 100 different plant species. I actually want a very full tank but very simple. My idea was to have loads of amazon swords creating a bush like background and then have every inch of substrate in front of the amazons covered in some kind of carpet grass plant. Now people are saying this is a low tech tank??? Well I currently have two T8 bulbs inside the hood of this tank. I believe there each 48 watts or something like that. I have room where I can perhaps add one T5HO bulb in the middle and I think that may help even more. Would my original light be enough??? or should I throw on the T5 HO???

I have two Aqua Clear 70's running the tank right now although I have read that HOB are not the best choice for Planted tanks. Should I get rid of the HOB and use a canister???

Do I need to add C02 to this set up ????
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Are You still using the 77g Hagen Eco System tank, or did you switch to a standard 75g? Either way, what are the dimensions of the tank?

What is the wattage on the T8 bulbs? It may actually say it on the bulbs themselves......

What it the wattage of the T5 that you may install?

C02 won't hurt on a low-tech setup. How much it will help? Who knows....?

You'd be better off with the canister filter. :thumbsup:
the tank is the same one from before its 47" by 16" by 24"tall. The lights it came with in the hood are 42" T8 which are I believe 44 watts each. I'm at work so I can't see the bulb right now. I am postive its a little more than 40 watts per bulb. So either way I have a tiny bit over 1 watt per gallon.
Even at 44w/bulb you would only be pushing ~1.14wpg of T8 light with unknown quality relflectors. A 4' T5 is ~54w, I believe, so that would put you at 1.84wpg with unknown reflector(s) and unknown restrike.

I doubt that You will be able to grow much of a grass foreground with the 1.14wpg, but may be able to pull it off with the added T5. Whether or not C02 would be needed with the 1.84wpg is something that you will have to wait and see, because of the unknown "quality" of the lighting.

Might want to give a call and see if a decent light can be retro-fitted into your hood. They have some of the best reflectors and lighting systems around. :thumbsup:

Keep in mind that at Low-light/Low-tech things grow pretty slow.

Is this a removable hood or built-in one like the Eclipse deals...?

oh no the hood is totally removeable, I was just seeing if it could be used it's no issue at all to just remove it and add something else. Thanks for the tips. I have a reef tank and I use the TEK units I think I might just do the same for this tank.
The TEK units are nice, but not cheap. If you want at all to retro-fit that hood--call be able to pull off an "upgrade" pretty cheap, especially if you want to stay low-light/low-tech. :thumbsup:
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