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Need Help with Xmas Moss

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I recently got some Christmas moss off ebay and super glued it to my driftwood in small clumps hoping that it would grow out looking like a tree. It doesn't seem to have grown much or at all and some patches that are closer to the light look like they are getting bleached out or turning light brown.
This is a 10 gal Walstad type NPT.
Does anyone know what I can do to save it? Is it the light? More ferts?
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It sounds like it may have dried out too much while you were attaching it. I've had the same thing happen. Just leave the moss and eventually it should start to put out new growth.
It's probably just adjusting to your tank; this is common with mosses.

Mine did seem to brown out when it was directly exposed to high light (3.6 wpg T5 HO)
It may have gotten dried out or even too much light. It is about 3-4 inches from two 15W GE CFL 6500 bulbs. The moss that is just an inch lower is still green.
It is starting to get stringy algae on it today. It isn't hair algae, more like a gelatinous thread.
I just got one oto, three ghost shrimp, and a couple mts so hopefully they will start eating my diatoms and this new algae back a bit until the tank settles in.
It def wasn't burned by your lighting. Try to prevent food and other detritus getting stuck in it
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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