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Need help with my moss, please.

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so here is my tank as of recent, I really have just let the moss grow and havent trimmed it or nothing. I don't really like the look of it right now and would like to start spreading it along the driftwood.

I don't really know how to tackle this though, some of the lower parts of the dw are buried so I won't be able to wrap fishing line / thread around it. What are my other options?

Do I just cut up the big clumps of moss I have now and spread it out? Whats the best approach here for spreading this around and still making it look somewhat decent? I don't want to kill the moss of either.

any help / suggestions would be awesome.

here is a pic of my tank. moss types are christmas, java, and flame.

should I stick with only 1 moss or what?

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you w think this is crazy but it works fine ive done it

lay moss on drift wood

have three foot section of fishing line ready, with -two- micro salmon egg trout hooks, one tiny hook on each end of the line :)

see where Im going with this, works great!then you dont have to uproot your dw to attach moss to it with string.

who cares if hooks degrade, rust is harmless in a planted tank and insoluble. after you have cabled the vine for a while onto the log you can remove the wraps and it will stay.
Trim it and superglue it in more locations on the wood.
If you just trim it short it will slowly spread on it's own. I had almost all my moss die off during a move and just gave up on it. The little that survived I just trimmed down to about an inch each cleaning. Months later it is now back to covering the same area as before and still spreading. That's the patient approach :)

Otherwise you could also use aquarium safe weights/rocks and some mesh to hold it against the wood. After a while it should be attached.
Everything is underwater and I can't remove the dw.

I ended up removing a moss from the tank, rising it out with tank water to clean it up from the nasty stuff and mixed all three types up and cut into small pieces.

Used a green thread to tie it all down, took forever and working under water is very difficult. My hands were so pruned.

Here is before and after. I ran out of moss, hopefully will have it down in the next few months.
You don't need to remove the driftwood, just lower the water level a bit and then glue it.

Regardless it looks good with what you did. keep it up.
thanks, i never though to do that.
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