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Need Help With Making Medicated Fish Food For Parasites

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For a while now I've noticed one of my balloon belly mollies being thinner than the others and sometimes swimming oddly, hanging out/swimming at the top of the water, having cloudy eyes and body on and off. Also, the other mollies as well as the one molly often have thin stringy poo. This has gone on for so long, I don't think it could be a bacterial infection.

I tried API General Cure but it didn't seem to cure the stringy poo and made the clouding eyes worse and seemed to be harsh on all the fish. I tried helping out the bacterial problems after with Kanaplex and so far everybody seems to have gotten better yet they still sometimes have that stringy poo so I wanted to make up some medicated fish food since treating them externally didn't seem to help as much.

I've read about making some with Seachem's Focus, Garlic Guard and Metronidazole but I was wondering if I can use the API General Cure instead since I already have it. It says it contains Metronidazole and Praziquantel. I tried researching whether you could or not and only got one place saying not to mix Metronidazole with Praziquantel but if that's true then why do they sell medication with them together? Or are they just not good for making food with?

Also, has anyone used these Seachem products to make food? What are your methods for making it? Are fish flakes better to use than frozen food for guppies and mollies?
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The stringy poo can also be a sign of constipation due to over feeding. And as far as making food, I'm not sure about those chemicals in particular, but I've done mine in two ways, one being I soaked my NLS in a water dish with medicine right before feeding, or I've slightly dried out beef heart in a dehydrator, then soaked in meds and re frozen. I'd say the before art must have been an acquired taste, as some fish turn away from it.

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you can always buy some krill and soak them in the medicated formula. I would just buy the medicated food from a trusted seller to reduce the risks of mistakes.
Hmmm, I don't think I'm over feeding the fish, they only get a pinch of food twice a day. And I'm not sure where to find someone selling medicated fish food because google search doesn't bring up very promising stuff :/
Are the poo a white color?

Aren't ballon mollies notorious for deformed intestines and will have issues?
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