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Need help with lighting

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I'm fairly new to the aquarium hobby and looking for advice on lighting. I recently purchased a 48" Beamswork LED light fixture. 162 10000k (white) LEDs and 12 Actinic (blue) LEDs produce 900 lumens. All in hope to fully sustain a 60 Gal. Planted tank. Will that be sufficient for thriving plant growth or will I need to upgrade?.
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the kelvin rating is ok not ideal you want closer to 6500k to be ideal, and I am going to go out on a limb and say at best it is low to med light at best...... rather low in the lumen department
How many watts on the fixture, and how far from the surface of the water?

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I'd return it. Get something without all the actinic. What tank size? 55, 75, 90?
I'm not sure how many watts but it's 3 " from the surface of the water.
My aquarium is a 60 gallon.
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