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Need help with Lighting

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post and I am a newbie in the hobby of planted aquariums. I've had for 2 years some cryptocoryne and I've added a couple of days ago some monte carlo for carpeting and limnophila sessiliflora. I've also added a basic CO2 nano system from Tropica and some Flourish Tablets to provide all the nutrients the plants require and have a high succes rate. The plants are doing pretty good so far but my aquarium is 40 L, or ~10 Gallon, but I think that the lighting isn't enough for the plants. I read somewhere that it is required to have about 0.5 W lighting per liter for these kind of plants, and my lighting now is 4W. I am able to add some led strips but my concern is that it would be too bright for the fish.

Is it safe to add a total of ~20ish W in a that small aquarium? The fish I have inside is a school of 8 Neon Tetra.

Thank you!
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