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Need help with light selection 55 gallon

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I ran across this video and the guy is growing a high light carpet with the LED floodlights you would find on [Ebay Link Removed] I am running a 10w light like that on my nano tank and it seems to be growing low/med light plants ok. I'm a newb at planted tanks but I have a very nice 55 gallon acrylic tank that I just moved a fish out of to set the tank up as a high tech planted. I need lighting that can support a dense carpet of DHG or monte carlo (haven't decided which) along with some other medium and high light plants that I plan to use in my scape.

Short version: I need lighting suggestions for a high tech setup on a 55 gallon tank. Want to grow medium and high light plants properly. Will LED floodlights work for high light plants and if so how many and which wattage do you recommend for a 55 gallon.

Bump. Anyone use the LED floods for high light and can comment?
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I've got a 55 gallon high tech setup where I'm carpeting both DHG and Monte Carlo and I use the Fluval Fresh and Plant 2.0 LED.
How would that compare to the ray 2? The main thing I like about the floods is I can get 3 of them for under $100 but I don't wanna cheap out necessarily, I just want to have plenty of light to grow whatever I want incase I decide to rescape down the road.
If you're looking at those LED floodlights it seems you're trying to do this on the cheap. You could always use spiral CFLs with the dome type reflectors.

150-Watt Incandescent Clamp Light-HD-300PDQ - The Home Depot
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