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need help with hardscape

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so i have this 40 breeder i will be scaping,but its my first time with a hard scape.
heres the rocks i have and what i played with to get an idea.please help with any ideas that come to mind.


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Hmmm i think they're too spread out. Maybe try focusing the hardscape in the middle of the tank.

Just a thought.
Agree with AZ...
Too spread out, but don't center the rocks in the middle...try a bunch of them just off of center.
thans for the input,il try again.

its funny, my kids see me playing with rocks and they run and get there shovels like where playing like nooooo this is my sand box:hihi:
so heres some new ideas,my wife has been helping me with the hard scape cause i suck.


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I like the bottom but would move it slightly to the right to hide more of the piping
sweet 1 for 1 ,anyone else has an opinion for the scape or like any of them?!?!

oOo Oo

say you have 3 small and 2 large

Divide the tank into thirds, then make lines down the two lines on the right and left.
Try placing one large, just off center to the left line. Place one small stone on each side. Make sure the rocks are leaning the same way. Then go over to the right, put in a large stone on the right line, and put the stone to the right of that.
I like the 4th, but I would move the two small rocks on the left in a little bit more.
I like the second one from the bottom more. The smaller rocks you have? You can arrange them close to one of the bigger one in a way that once your substrate is in they will look like an "extension" of the bigger rock with plants growing over parts of the rock group. Just a thought.

Actually, I like the very first one the best. Can't beat toy cars with rocks. ;)
I think I like the last one the most.
But maybe move that small stone off to the left toward the front
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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