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Hello everyone,

I going to start a 10 gallons tank for my neocaridinas. I came here to ask for help to the community for ideas, in what to use to help with filtration and circulation for the tank.

I have a sponge filter that I already modified:


I was thinking to get something like this:

Cascade 300

I saw a few videos about the filter helping in both filtration and circulation. I like the idea to add some ceramic media to the filter plus add a mesh in the bottom of the canister in order to prevent that any baby shrimp got sucked inside.

What do you guys think?

I will be really happy if anyone can give me some other filters ideas that I can use in the tank.

Thank you.

Ps: Sorry for my English. 馃お

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Your english is fine.

A sponge filter should be enough for shrimp, but many people will also use HOB's (Fluval or Aquaclear tend to be prefered brands - with some sort of prefilter/intake safety for shrimp).

Can't say I'm familiar with the Cascade internal filters.... I have an external one which I haven't set up yet... and might not be able to. The internal ones look kind of like glorified sponge filters. (not saying it's a bad thing!) Only concern might be the intake area, but that could be an easy fix as well.

I would lean towards the 400 though... filters more and it does have a flow valve, so if full max is too much, you can always turn it down.

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As long as you鈥檙e not providing too much flow it really doesn鈥檛 matter. I have 10 shrimp breeding tanks and non of them use filtration. I rely on a 2鈥 substrate depth and live plants. No matter what you do I鈥檇 add some substrate along with your sponge filter so they have more surface area to graze on. Nice sponge filter modification by the way!

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Hello guys.

im sorry for revive this post but I but I wasn鈥檛 feeling too good lately 馃槗 I still have a few more questions about the filtration.
Like I said in my fist post I鈥檓 ready now to run the 10 gallons tank.
like I said I wasn鈥檛 feeling too good and I ask to my wife to take care of the shrimps. She got them from Amazon a 鈥渘atural鈥 food and now my water is all the gravel is messy, greasy and Stinky.


so far I鈥檓 not loosing to many shrimps (just 3) and my parameters are 鈥渙k鈥 no ammonia and just really little of nitrite and nitrate. I鈥檓 planing in run the new tank by Sunday and give it like 2 or 3 weeks to cycle the tank before adding my shrimps.

I do understand that my filter is ok for the shrimp tank but now I鈥檓 worry about getting this kind of mess in the future. 馃く I鈥檓 really tempted to get the Cascade 300 because is working extremely good in our beta tank:



For the shrimp tank I made a tree with driftwood and dragon stone and I will add flame moss to the tree to create the leafs
(I鈥檓 sorry for the mess in the back ground)


also I鈥檓 using all this for my shrimps:


since I started using all this products I鈥檓 loosing less shrimps. I鈥檓 really exited to set up my new tank and get all my shrimps out of the plastic container.

Please, let me know what do you think about all this.

thank you.

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Bacter AE could kill shrimp if you use too much or don't have enough filtration. Otherwise though, it all appears fine! Not sure on bucket. Maybe more water changes?
Thank you for let me know about Baxter AE.

About the bucket the water got all messy because my wife use a 鈥渘atural鈥 food for shrimps and snails. I鈥檓 doing water changes to fix that mess.

About the filtration: I鈥檓 asking for ideas in what to use for extra filtration in my tank, I want to add an extra filtration to the tank in order to keep it clean and healthy. Like I said, I鈥檓 thinking to use the Cascade 300 to filtrate and water circulation. Is there another suggestion from you guys?

Thank you for the help.
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