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I posted this on reddit the other day but didn't get any help and was curious if I could find some here.

The pictures are on the reddit post, but here is the text I had written down:
"I'm really liking how the tank is coming along but in the second picture it shows how the rotala is kinda either dying or melting. I think it's melting because it's a new tank and it came from tissue culture but I wanted to just ask here and see.

I've been doing daily water changes and started the cycle with API Quick Start, ammonia and nitrite levels spike overnight but the water changes usually level them out to about 0-0.25, am I correct in thinking it's just melting due to the new environment or am I doing something wrong?

I also do a squirt of the UNS All-In-One Plant Food and a cap of the Flourish Excel supplement every day after the water change if that could be an issue as well.

If anyone has any idea on what's going on to help that'd be great, thank you
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