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Need help with choosing a filter, please.

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I'm a total noob and I've been wading through information for several months while planning my first planted tank and first tank over 6 gallons:icon_lol:.

I'm getting conflicting recommendations on filtration. My plan is a moderately to heavy planted 55 Breeder tank, pressurized Co2, low to high light ability. My filter contenders are the Odyssea CSF500, Sunsun H-302 260 GPH, Rena XP4, Eheim Pro3 2075. Obviously a range of prices.

Are the flows too high on the larger filters? What do you guys think? Any help is majorly appreciated!

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Not sure if it makes a huge difference but the fish stock list is Cardinal Tetras, a few Dwarf Cichlids, Dwarf Cory's, and some very Un-South American Algae Shrimp. I've heard German Blue Rams like low flows?!

All are good. Lots of fans here of all. If money doesn't matter, get the Eheim. the Pro #s are, IME, the best of all filter worlds.

If money matters a little, go RENA. I've had both and the the RENA is an excellent design. The Eheim Pro 3 is an "eheim-ized" version of the RENA. Top notch, maybe the "best buy" in filters.

The other too are building a large fan base as very good, inexpensive filters.

All will work fine. If you're a beginner, avoiding unecessary problems can go a long way to keeping your interest UP in your new hobby. So I'd vote for Eheim is $$$ is not an issue. Consider though, that you can find the Eheims with media and upgraded inflow/outflow accessories. Those elements can actually make the Eheim a good deal and not expensive at all. You can't go wrong with that option, so judge the importance of reliability, ease of maintenance and your potential for frustration with niggling equipment problems and decide what's best for you.

think the Rena xp4, and Eheim 2075 may be a bit much for your 55 gallon, unless you were planning on putting the outflow to run the length of the tank? the 2075 spraybar would just barely fit hanging on the side. Is your tank 12.75" Wide? If so, the two above filters would make for some crazy turbulence if hanging off the back. May be too much flow for the Rams, and maybe even harsh on some of the plants. I've heard great things about the sun sun series of canisters, many people on this forum swear by em. I use an Eheim 2075 on one of my tanks, and love it, so not trying to dissaude you, just my two cents.
For me personally it would be the Pro III. I think the Eheims are fantastic. They are amazingly quiet and they clean really easily when it's time. If you are worried about the flow being too strong just add some holes to the sparybar that comes with the filter. It will lower the strength of the flow quite well.

Thanks you guys! I appreciate all the input!

Cuchulainn- The dimensions are 36x18x21. So 12" shorter than the usual 55gallon but deeper from front to back and top to bottom.

I want to buy as "big" as possible without too much turbulence.

With that footprint, then I also agree the Eheim 2075 would be a great way to go. You won't be disappointed ;)
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