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Hey all,

I’ve had my tank set up for about a year now. I’m having some algae issue primarily on the rocks and Monte Carlo.
I’ve checked all the water parameters they are all good and we’re they’re supposed to be. I run my light for 7 hours a day (twin star) and co2 on a hour before the light and off a hour before the light goes off (about 1 bubble a second). I’m running 2 filters sun sun 603b which I think is 106gph and then a aquaclear 20g hang on the back. The tank is 16 gallons so I’m quite sure I’m getting enough flow. I dose tropica fertilizer 4x weekly as well as do 1 50% water change weekly. My Rotala and s Repens has now issue with algae. It looks like a dark green fuzzy algae on the rocks (assuming it’s bba) the Monte Carlo has almost a thick brownish red slime algae over the top of it.

Any clue what I can do to fix this or what’s causing it???
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