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Need help with adding lights to my 125 gallon turtle tank. (With pictures!)

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Hey everyone, I'll be home from college for spring break soon and I want to add some cheap lighting to my turtle tank.

Here's a few pics so you'll know what I'm talking about.

Full tank shot

I built an above tank basking area out of egg crate light diffuser on the left side. The right side is covered by more egg crate so they can't climb out.
I'd only want to add lights to the right side of the tank.

I've looked up various lighting options and what I'm planning on doing is something with work lights on top, similar to this.

I'm thinking about using 3 or 4 work lights with 23 watt daylight CFLs in them.

I'd place the lamps face down on the egg crate.

My questions are:

1. Which of these two work lights would I be better off using? [1]( or [2](

2. Should I be worried about any splashing that a may occur?

3. It looks like this will cost me about $50 to implement this. Is there a better alternative for around the same price?

4. Will this provide low-medium lighting for plants?

5. Anything else you'd like to add?

P.S. Ignore any moss you see, these pictures are from the summer, the moss has died since then haha. The tank has changed slightly since then. I only have on turtle, they were biting each other and I had to give one away.

*Bonus questions*
I'm also going to be adding pool filter sand to this. Would 100lbs be enough for a 125 gallon tank? Does anyone want to send me a lot of MTS to help aerate the sand?

Thanks for all the help. Here are some bonus pics of my setup.

The turtle I still have

Basking area with turtle I had to re-home

Another pic of basking area/turtle

Egg crate that will hopefully be covered entirely in moss one day
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Cool setup. Those lights are cheaper at walmart. If you only want to cover one side, I would just buy 2. They run about 5.50 at walmart here.

26 watt cfl stick out of some of them, ever so slightly. Open up a pack of light bulbs while you are there and double check. Oh, if you have trouble finding them ask an employee where they keep trouble (treble) lights.

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Clamp light. Bulbs are cheap too though. I put 2x 6500k 26watts on my brothers 40b with some of those first clamp lights you linked and it lit the tank, but he didn't care for the way the top looked so we scrapped the plan and went with something else. His tank is 36x18, for reference. This shouldn't cost anywhere near 50 bucks though.
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