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Need help with 20L shrimp tank

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I am going to upgrade my 10 gallon to a 20 long and want to base the tank mostly on hardscape and low growing plants and mosses.

The plants I would like to use:
marsilea minuta, anubias, hair grass, chain sword, downoi, leopard val, and crypts

I plan on using CFLs for lighting and want a dark/ black substrate. How many CFLs and what substrate would be best for these plants? Would I also need ferts for these plants?

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Looks like most people use 2 CLFs on 20 gallon tanks.

I am going to mix black beauty sand with the red clay Activ Flora substrate I have. What would be a cheap nutrient rich substrate to mix with that?
I've got two 27W spiral CFLs in clamp on brooder domes over mine. Not perfect, but inexpensive compared to the 30" T5NO fixtures.
I have heard it is not a good idea to have soil in a shrimp tank. I would prefer not to since it can be dirty and I like moving things around in my smaller tanks, but would dirt be better than buying a planting substrate?
What type of shrimp are you going to be keeping? If Neo's, then you can simply use an inert substrate and put ferts in. Steer clear of soils if you like to re-scape a lot. Keep in mind though when you start fiddling around with the substrate, you can potentially mess with the water parameters as well. Shrimp are far more sensitive to changes in water then fish IMO.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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