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Need help w/blyxa

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I got these plants about a week ago. They started out a beautiful green...thanks, as you can see they have started to turn redish. Is this a problem, ie-transplant shock or a nutrient deficiency. I dose basically to what is recommended for Flourish, Excel, Iron, Trace, and I have pressurized CO2(ph stays b/t 6.8 and 7.00) Khstays b/t 4-6. If anyone can let me know, please do about the blyxa, as well as any comments on tank overall. I had just done a little moving of plants, so the tank is a little cloudy in this pic. I also did a cutting of the rotala and ludwig in the right side tonight that is not shown in this pic...sorry. too lazy to upload more pics tonight. Thanks all
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Blyxa turns red in high light. When I trim mine and let it float up at the surface it gets a lot of light a turns a bright red color.
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