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Need help w/blyxa

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I got these plants about a week ago. They started out a beautiful green...thanks, as you can see they have started to turn redish. Is this a problem, ie-transplant shock or a nutrient deficiency. I dose basically to what is recommended for Flourish, Excel, Iron, Trace, and I have pressurized CO2(ph stays b/t 6.8 and 7.00) Khstays b/t 4-6. If anyone can let me know, please do about the blyxa, as well as any comments on tank overall. I had just done a little moving of plants, so the tank is a little cloudy in this pic. I also did a cutting of the rotala and ludwig in the right side tonight that is not shown in this pic...sorry. too lazy to upload more pics tonight. Thanks all
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Taken from APC plant finder: " This Blyxa species is not too difficult to grow if its basic requirements are met: intense lighting in the 2-4 watts per gallon range, CO2 injection, and a fertilization regimen including nitrate, phosphate, potassium, and micronutrient supplementation. If conditions are to its liking and lighting is intense, the leaves of B. japonica will develop golden and reddish hues and the plants will exhibit more compact growth. If it does not receive enough lighting, however, B. japonica will become taller, lankier, and greener. This plant produces an impressive root system and appreciates a nutritious substrate. If phosphate levels are kept high (1-2 ppm), this species will continuously produce small white flowers on long, thin stalks. "
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