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Need Help to identify RCS

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Three weeks ago I purchased 3 RCS from my LFS which I thought were all females. I have a small Fluval Spec 2 so I am not really interested in breeding shrimp because I don't have room in the tank for a colony of them. That is why I selected all females. I read articles on how to sex RCS, so I understand the concept.

However I can't 100% sex this one shrimp. It appears to have a yellow saddle, but it is a pale red almost peach color.

I know 2 are definitely female because they have large yellow saddles, are deep red and have a curved abdomen.

This one shrimp also seems to stay away from the other 2 females most of the time. The other 2 females also dominate the food.

I attached 3 photos, I was hoping someone might be able to help me confirm if this shrimp is a male or female.



This is the shrimp. You can see what looks like a yellow saddle.

Here is the shrimp again next to one of the females.

Here are all three. Notice how much redder the other two are.
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