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need help to ID plants

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Hey all. I was wondering if you could help me ID these two plants I just got. Sorry for the picture quality, I had a hard time getting decent shots. Here are two photos of the first species. It has three leaves per node. I think it might be rotala rotundifolia. What do you think?

Here are two shots of the other species. This one had two leaves per node.

Thanks for any ideas everyone.
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Your first one certainly looks like Rotala rotundifolia to me!

Your second looks like a Ludwigia species.
you are right on the first one.
Thanks guys! I was thinking the second one could be a ludwigia species, but it's definitely different than the ludwigia repens I have. I can't seem to find anything that matches up just right
Looks like Ludwigia palustris that aren't getting as reddish as they can get. I agree with the other opinions of the other ID. I have both species of plants you're wanting ID's on.
Thanks for the input! I have narrowed it down to Ludwigia palustris or Ludwigia repens X arcuata. I just got them today, so I think it will be easier to tell once they have had time to grow out under adequate light, with fertilizers and rich substrate
For future refs you can use this site also.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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