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i've been looking at all the nice planted tanks and thought i would give it a shot. i only plan on doing low light easy to maintain plants as i don't want to get into the c02 stuff.

i have 100 gallon tank (60x18x20) and need some advice on what i need to get started. i have a light that was given to me, but im sure it is not even close to what i need as it only fits 1 24" bulb.

can i get some suggestions on cheap lighting fixtures and bulbs to go with my size tank and basic plants like swords and java fern/moss? i was wondering if i could just pick something up from home depot. im a struggling college student so money is tight right now and i want this setup asap.

my current substrate consists of fairly large gravel

so i was wondering if it would be a good idea to get some flourite and make a small patch underneath my gravel. i didn't want to do the whole tank battom so was hoping i could get away with just doing a patch at the places i planned on putting a plant. would this work?

i apologize for being such a noob, but i've been reading and couldn't find answers to fit my current needs. thanks in advance for any replies.
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