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Need help starting a 60g planted tank/riparium

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Hello All,
I am in Hollywood & Vine area in California, I just bought a very unique 60 gallon acrylic tank. It is two 30 gallon tanks connected together through 2 tunnels. It is pre-owned and I am looking for someone who knows what they are doing to come to my apartment and buffer the scratches off (very thin scratches), and then set it up for me as a custom freshwater planted tank or reparium. It has a stand, but no lid. I don't want to get a lid, I want plants poking out, so I want lamps suspended over the tank (clip on grow lamps like a desk top lamp almost). Will negotiate price before the job is done, not after, lol ;) I already bought one piece of driftwood, but don't know what type of substrate I should get which is good for the plant growth, plus I don't know where to buy those little plant holders with the suction cups that stick to the side of the tank to hold the plants up higher, etc. I have zero experience with CO2 diffusers and all this for planted tanks, need someone to come over and help me :) my email is: [email protected]

Here is the tank:
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