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Need help (sick fish)

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This is all in chronological order:
1st my female black mollie started getting white looking fungus like stuff growing around her face and body, I have no idea what it is but it went away after a week, then it returned. My german blue ram pair have both lost a ton of color and are acting strange. I recently saw my electric blue ram male itching himself against the rock, although his color is brighter and more beautiful than ever. Other than that all of my other fish (cardinals, hatchets, mollies and shrimp are all fine.
I'm most worried about the GBR pair. they are so pale and so reclusive.

I have spotted and treated ice before in other tanks.
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I have a post now check it out. I'm using api fungal cure. I'm not sure it's working though. My water turned green but with in a couple of hours it was clear again. The fish seem fine. It's only been 24 hours so can't really say how it's working.

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Some fish diseases that look like fungus are actually bacterial in origin.

Google pictures of each of the following, and add the word Fish in the search.
Flavobacteria columnaris
Mouth Fungus
Saddle Disease
Columnaris disease

Most of these are actually the same organism (Flavobacteria columnarus) with many common names.
Treatment is with antibiotics that target Gram negative bacteria.
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