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Need help sexing German Blue Ram.

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I am pretty sure its a male but just want to make sure! Thanks

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Look at their dorsal fins. The first two spines are longer on the male. Males also show more color and grow larger. Females are stockier, plumper, and have blue spangles in that black blotch. Females also get a faint pink blush on their bellies at spawning time. Most of the rams that show up commercially are males., Rams.htm
I'd bet it's a male from the looks, but not the best shot of a couple areas to check.

I had to search for local tank bred to get a female. I was told the importers use hormones to produce more "colorful males" I don't think there is that great a difference in a good pair.

Unfortunately, my female is a small juvenile, but she had the pink belly, blue speckles in the black spot, shorter second ray, and the dorsal fin doesn't extend of the tail.
When well over 1", the males will show an extension of the first three rays on the dorsal fin and will be larger than all other fish in the tank. A sure fire way of sexing your Rams is to check the black blotch in the fish's side. If there are blue spangled dots in and around it, that's a female. Those with no dots present are males.
I have two females at present and will trade one of them off next week.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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