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Need help putting together a list of especially tall plants.

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Hey guys! I'm hoping we can put our heads together on this one. I am trying to think of what are some of the tall growing aquarium plants. I may have an opportunity coming up to reasonable keep them and not a lot of us get to see some these at full height or close to it especially since it seems that our lighting practices get bogged down over 24 inches in tank height.

This is what I've come up with so far.

Crinum thaianum
Pogostemon stellatus
Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae
Cryptocoryne restrospiralis
Cyperus helferi

What I'm trying to think of are things that aren't so much bushy and sprawling, like Echinodorus or Ludwigia, but more like woody or thick stems or long tapering leaves, like the plants I listed above.

Anything else come to mind? As usual, my interests are chiefly in South Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia.
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I like Lotuses. The only thing that troubles me is how much light the lily pad might block out. I'm sure there are varieties out there with smaller pads.

I can see Nymphaeas working too. Barclaya longifolia gets pretty tall too.

Good suggestion!

What about Hygrophilas? Like H. corymbosa? Can they do more than 24 inches submersed?
Jungle vals. My wife bought one once that was over five feet long.
There are many in the Aponogeton genus that may fit the bill..
I am actually embarrassed for forgetting vals :icon_redf. That should have been the first thing to enter my mind.
There are many in the Aponogeton genus that may fit the bill..
I like Apons, I really do but I have the worst luck with them. They do really well for me at first, then they go into their dormancy period and the bulb either rots before I can get to it or I get to it, but in a coffee can or some such with just enough sand or sphagnum moss and then I replant it months later and it starts, but pathetically then dies or the bulb just goes straight to the rotting.

I'm really bad with them and I wish I wasn't because they are spectacular.
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