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Right now i have a 10 gallon halfmoon and being on this site made me really want to start another tank. I have an extra 33 gallon tank thats been siting for a couple years. Way back i did have a bearded dragon which once lived there. Im thinking about starting up the long 33 gallon tank and creating a aquascape.

I need your guys help in my shopping list.
Im also trying to look for a easy to take care of carpet plant, any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

which filter is best for a 33gallon tank, saw these two on big als


Do i get the searchem flourish or flourish excel (whats the difference)

Also looking for a cheap light, found these too ( I think the second one would be better)

also thinking of getting eco complete substrate

and this heater

Ill post a picture of the tank soon, oh and i also have silica sand that I would like to use but I heard it wasn't good for planted aquariums.

Thanks Harrow

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I believe all sand is technically silica sand. Sand is widely used in planted aquariums it just depends on what you would like to do. It may need to be supplemented with root tabs as the sand can prevent fresh nutrients from reaching the roots. The difference between flourish and excel is that flourish complete is a fertilizing liquid. It provides the nutrients that plants need to function properly. Excel is a liquid carbon source which provides CO2/energy that plants need in order to use their nutrients which in turn allows them to function properly :)

Sorry I don't have the time right now to address the other issues. Hope you get a good start though. There is more websites than just bigals too.
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