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Need help on lighting - Please help!!

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Hi Friends,

I am starting a planted tank 2feet x 1.5feet x 1.25feet (LxWxH). The layout is going to be a Iwagumi with Dwarf Hair Grass or HC and few high light plants . I have a pressurized Co2 system .

Im really confused on the lights and I want to get the lighting to be perfect .I have shortlisted the below two that is available in India .

-- Odyssea T5 Dual Lamp System DP50/65 50cm T5HO 18W x2

-- Aquazonic Super Bright T5 HO Set (60cm)

Could any of the experts out there tell me if this would work fine if not please suggest other options.

All your suggestions are valuable and looking forward for your help .

Thanks a ton friends ..
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Your tank is 24" x 18" x 15" tall.

You should be looking for a 24" long 2 x t5ho at 24w each fixture. That will give you relatively high light, especially if each bulb has it's own reflector.

The first fixture lists the bulb's output at 18w each.

The wind fixture lists the bulbs at 12,000K, which is a bit high for a Plantex tank. I would look for bulbs in the 5,000K to 7,000K range.

thanks mate , so il stick to the Aquazonic lights . Just came across this one too..what are your thoughts about this one?
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