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Need help lighiting 46 bowfront

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Hello! I've only worked with low light tanks before, and I'm getting a 46 bowfront setup for Xmas, and I need help with lighting. Lighting is sooooo confusing to me! It's going to be a medium tech tank with no CO2. If I try a carpet plant it's going to micro sword or pygmy chain sword, and other plants will be low to medium light. I plan on dosing, though probably not EI since I want medium light. I have a budget of about $150 to $200.

Please help! Thank you very very much! :D
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A 2 bulb T5NO 4 foot light fixture would be great for this tank, giving you low medium to medium light.
You will be looking for a 36" fixture and definately agree with hoppy a T5NO would work well. I put a coralife dual T5NO 36" 6700K/Full spectrum over my tank and did very well.
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