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Need help identifying little black larvae type thing

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I recently had an ick outbreak in my tank so I'm treating it with Tetra Guard. I started looking closely at the tank and noticed these weird looking little guys on the glass. Any idea what they are? Their length is about half the width of a pinky nail.
I've never seen them before, so I'm thinking maybe the tetra guard drove them out of their normal home (or maybe I just never looked this closely at the tank before.

30-gallon tank, two months old, some otos and swordtails in there.

Thanks in advance,

P.S. I hope this is in the right thread, I didn't see any category directly for this.

So, I feel like a moron, but I figured out what they were shortly after I posted this... Turns out they're zebra danio fry. I already got rid of the adults bc they were terrorizing the other fish. Apparently, they left me a parting gift.

I would delete the thread, but I can't figure how to delete it.