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Hi guys,

First post here. I have a 30 gallon long tank, set up about 6 months ago. Good filtration (Tetra Whisper EX45), and I think good lighting (Fluval LED: 25W & 5.2K CRI). I keep the lighting on for 8 hours a day and dose with the recommended dose of Excel each day.

I've got about 20 very small fish (dwarf corys, pencilfish, tetra) and the water parameters are always good, though the water is fairly alkaline/hard. I've planted java moss, cryps, red rubin sword, and bacopa.

Lately I've had a lot of hair algae popping up on all plants, which I just remove weekly by hand. But there's a more tenacious algae that is covering all the leaf plants (attached a picture of the bacopa here). It's dark green and fuzzy, with some white spots interspersed. It's impossible to scrape off.

I've attached a picture here. Any advice would be appreciated.



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