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Need Help First Time Planted Tank!!!

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So I am starting a new thread with a better title because someone suggested it. :) ((HERE IS THE OLD THREAD IF YOU need to refer back>> <<)) Plus I still need more help. I am a complete noob. It was also suggested that my Amazonian soil needed more plants. So I went and bought lots more plants. I did add some more substrate because in my opinion it was needed. I also added a rock.

I also just added neon tetras and a shrimp. ( I don't know what kind of shrimp) The people at my LFS AquaTouch said that to keep the algae I had under control he would be my guy. So Now my tank is cloudy. Looks horrible. I just changed the water yesterday. My filter is the cascade penn plax 200. I'm tossing my Co2 Fluval because it doesn't do what I want and plus the Co2 ran out. So here are some pics I took this morning. Any ideas guys? I really need advise. Please know I am so new at this so keep the terms simple. LOL

Also Are these snails bad? ----------V ( I washed all my planted before putting them in -_- )
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