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Need Help First Time Planted Tank!!!

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So I am starting a new thread with a better title because someone suggested it. :) ((HERE IS THE OLD THREAD IF YOU need to refer back>> <<)) Plus I still need more help. I am a complete noob. It was also suggested that my Amazonian soil needed more plants. So I went and bought lots more plants. I did add some more substrate because in my opinion it was needed. I also added a rock.

I also just added neon tetras and a shrimp. ( I don't know what kind of shrimp) The people at my LFS AquaTouch said that to keep the algae I had under control he would be my guy. So Now my tank is cloudy. Looks horrible. I just changed the water yesterday. My filter is the cascade penn plax 200. I'm tossing my Co2 Fluval because it doesn't do what I want and plus the Co2 ran out. So here are some pics I took this morning. Any ideas guys? I really need advise. Please know I am so new at this so keep the terms simple. LOL

Also Are these snails bad? ----------V ( I washed all my planted before putting them in -_- )
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Looks like a bacterial bloom from the new substrate. I understand you added new Ada Amazonia. It will go away once the food for it is gone. How much water did you change after you added the substrate?

New Aquasoil will bring more ammonia so I would hold off adding any new fish or shrimps.

Most snails are not a problem for the plants just a visual nuisance.

The plant in the last photos (Anubias sp) need to have the rhizome(green horizontal fat part from where the leaves and roots come from) above the substrate.

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So before I added the fish the ADA Amazonian soil was in the tank for over a month with weekly water changes. I added seachem gravel plant substrate. So you think it's bacterial bloom? Anything I should do for it? I'll fix the Anubis so its roots are out more. :smile:
Perfectly normal for a newly set up tank.Keep up the water changes and you will see improvement in short order.
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